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Johns Hopkins signs 30,000-square-foot lease at Remington Row

Kevin Litten | March 16, 2015, 6:36AM
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Arial view from south - architectural illustration

An aerial perspective of Seawall Development Co.'s plans for Remington Row.  

Mar 4, 2015

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians will become the anchor office tenant of Seawall Development Co.'s Remington Row project.

The lease spans all of the 30,000 square feet of office space in the building planned for the 2700 block of Remington Avenue, effectively making it a neighborhood medical center that will include first-floor retail and 108 apartments. It will also mean moving Community Physicians from 3100 Wyman Park Drive, which is in a building owned by Johns Hopkins.

The offices will be used for internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics.

Andy Frank, an economic development advisor to Johns Hopkins President Ronald J. Daniels, said the agreement to lease office space in newly developed buildings reflects the university's efforts to help improve neighborhoods surrounding the university. That effort, known formally as the Homewood Community Partners Initiative, has a significant real estate focus with a goal of revitalizing 10 neighborhoods surrounding the Homewood campus.

"I view this project as being the Can Company and Tide Point of Remington, in that it will have that kind of impact on the community," Frank said. "Hopkins can leverage its resources in lots of different ways and real estate is one very effective way. In this case, we had to be somewhere and locating in the neighborhood we abut is a way of helping it achieve some of the goals it has for itself."

Remington is a tiny neighborhood with a wide range of demographics, including many lifelong residents. Seawall has focused much of its development efforts there, starting with a Teach for America housing complex at Miller's Court, and, most recently, the redevelopment of a former tire shop into Parts & Labor restaurant and Single Carrot Theatre.

In a statement, Seawall partner Thibault Manekin said the building has been "a spectacular team effort." Construction on the $40 million, 250,000-square-foot project is set to get underway this month.


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