MTA Bus Route - Proposed changes

And our community response:

The MTA is proposing changes to the bus lines that pass through our district. A group of concerned citizens has come together to evaluate the plan (connect with us HERE on Facebook).  CLICK HERE for a Baltimore Sun article outlining the MTA's proposal and to see a map that shows what the changes would look like. On July 18th, we met with MTA representatives at the Waverly Library for a 'Workgroup'. 

Report of 14th District’s BUS WORKGROUP14,

Presented to MTA at Waverly Library Workshop, July 18, 2016,

As part of Public Testimony & Recommendations heard

On BaltimoreLinks’ PHASE 2 Proposals:

Workgroup response page 1

Workgroup responses page 2

CLICK HERE for a PDF of the above document.


May 22, 2016 Report of the BUS WORKGROUP14

With Recommendations for Amendments to Phase 1

Of MTA’s BaltimoreLinks Phase 1 Proposals:

Consolidated report page 1

Consolidated report page 2

Consolidated report page 3

Consolidated report page 4

The above 4 pages are only a preview of the full, 14 page report.

CLICK HERE for a PDF of the full report.




IMPORTANT Information for Homeowners whose City Tax Liens were Purchased at the Annual Tax Sale.

If you or someone you know had a tax bill, water bill, or other City citation that resulted in their tax lien being sold at the City’s May 16 tax sale, CLICK HERE for important information on how to proceed.



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